Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time Magazine, just be yourself

Time Magazines Top 100 Albums of all time.
Dear Time Magazine,
WTF. Time magazine please leave the reviewing of music to those that know a little something about it. Your top 100 albums of all time is a travesty to the world of Journalism.

"We researched and listened and agonized until we had a list of the greatest and most influential records ever - and then everyone complained because there was no Pink Floyd on it. And that's exactly how it should be."

First, how the fuck can you leave Pink Floyd off the list? Kanye West yes, Pink Floyd no? And I like Kanye, but he's not better than Floyd. What the hell are you thinking. Can you honestly tell me that Kanye fucking West has made a greater impact on this world with "College Drop Out" than Floyd with "Dark Side of the Moon." It's a joke.

Secondly, a greatest albums of all time list does NOT CONSIST OF GREATEST HITS CD's. Sweet fucking Christ!! Come on Time get it together, the idea of an album is that you listen to it from start to finish as assembled by the original artist not some two bit record execs, hacking some songs together to squeeze another nickel out of Elvis' estate.